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Members of Congress                                                                         January 08, 2001

Joint Committee on Taxation

Washington D.C. 20515


RE:  Enclosed letter to Lindy L. Paull, Chief of Staff for the Joint Committee on Taxation.


Congressman/ Senator,


We address this letter to you in hopes that you or your staff will take the time to read it.  We have been addressing our concerns to our local Representative, as well as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, but have not received a satisfactory answer.  We are now in a quandary as to the proper method of resolving our concerns, if indeed they might be resolved at all.  We do not protest taxation, nor profess that the Federal Income Tax is necessarily unconstitutional.   We do however, in light of the current "surplus", question the intent of Congress and how the proposed "tax cut" should be addressed.


The action we are taking is not our preference, but in order to secure the answers we seek it appears to be our only avenue.  We have been researching the progression of the Federal Income Tax from 1895 to today, and in the process have spent several hundred hours in the University of California (Riverside) law library as well as others in San Bernardino.  The result of that research, obtained mainly from the Congressional Record, has led us to the conclusion that something is very wrong with our current tax system.  We believe the attached letters express just some of that concern.


Through this action we are asking you to take a closer look at the specific intent of the Tax Code and its operation upon the "wages" (or gross receipts) of the employee (labor for hire under the common law), in relation to other forms of income.  We believe that the proper avenue for the tax cut is not in the lowering of the rates, but in the raising of the personal exemption under 26USC151, in recognition of the distinct difference between such "wages" and the net income derived from business, professions and financial operations.


We have not as yet filed for a refund, as that would seem to force the issue before giving you an opportunity to respond.  However, in light of the six years we have already spent, that action is imminent.  We are expecting a timely reply.


Thank you for your concern,



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