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Historical Perspectives on the Federal Income Tax

Table of Contents

  1. Home Page
  2. Broading of the Taxpayer Base

  3. Revenue Acts summary
  4. Revenue Bill of 1940
  5. Revenue Bill of 1942
  6. Victory Tax
  7. Revenue Act of 1944
  8. Position Statement
  9. Petition of Redress of Grievance
  10. Taxes
  11. Capitation and other Direct Taxes
  12. By Apportionment
  13. Duties, Imposts, and Excises
  14. Uniformity
  15. Public Salary Tax Act of 1939
  16. Internal Revenue Code 1939
  17. Life, Liberty, and Persuit of Happiness
  18. No Cost Basis
  19. Leagal Interpetations
  20. Social Security
  21. Social Security Trust Accounts
  22. Enforced Savings
  23. Social Welfare and its Cost
  24. National Debt
  25. Federal Reserve
  26. Graphs Index Page
  28. Tax Reduction Correspondence
  29. Glossary of Terms
  30. Bibliography
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