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Historical Perspectives on the Federal Income Tax


Tax Returns Filed

Tax Returns/Labor Employed

National Debt 1929 - 1997

National Debt Per Capita

National / Federal / Public Debt

Current and Projected National Debt

Net Interest

Net Interest Paid

Corporate v Personal Gross Income

Corporate Gross / Personal Gross Column

Personal Gross Net

Gross Net Column

Gross Net 1936 -  1956

Wages Compared to Exemptions


Compairsion exemption / wage 1932 - 1990

Payroll Taxes

Payroll Taxes #3

Payroll Taxes #4

Reported Debt Increase

Employee wage / Exemption

Disposition of Income

Average Values

Exemption / Consumption Expenses

Exemption / Social Security Wages

Earnings / Exemptions

Employed / Social Secutity

Personal Exemption / Income

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