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To Congress and the President
       of the United States:

This Petition is not instituted because of taxation, for taxes must be paid by everyone in order to secure our freedoms.  Nor is our grievance over the implementation of “Taxpayer” financed welfare programs, for those programs are designed to benefit everyone sooner or later.  Our grievance is over the ultimate cost which must be borne by every citizen, now and future, because of the abusive use of that taxation.  This pleading is not for the elimination of taxes nor is it to suggest that those taxes are necessarily unconstitutional.  This pleading is because those taxes and the programs they support no longer bear any resemblance to the original purpose or intent of their implementation.  That which was implemented for the good and benefit of the people has now become a noose of slavery around the necks of our present and future generations.

Whereas: Our Founding Fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes and their honor to the establishment of the United States of America. And

Whereas:  The United States Constitution, duly ratified by the People there of, provides for the safeguard of those principles upon which they established The United States of America. And

Whereas:  The 16th Amendment was proposed, debated and ratified by the People of The United States of America for the specific purpose of clarifying that the intention of Congress was to uphold those principles embodied by the United States Constitution, in reguards to taxation.  And

Whereas:  There now exists a disparagement of those principles, caused by the inadequency of the "personal exemption" as allowed by Section 151 of the Internal Revenue Code.  And

Whereas:  There now exists a method of taxation levied under the Social Security Act, which is neither contemplated by nor authorized by the United States Constitution.  And

Whereas:  The People demand redress from such taxation, which is inconsistent with the mandates of the United States Constitution and contrary to the fundamental law.

Therefore:  Hear our plea and restore to the People those guaranteed Rights of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" by,

First:  Restore to the People their "inalienable" right to labor for wages, in support of themselves and family, by increasing the personal exemption allowed by Section 151 [26 U.S.C.] to a point which reflects the highest average total compensation, as reported by the the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics [U.S.D.L. 97-371]

Second:  Shift the "Employee" Social Security contribution under section 3101 [26 U.S.C.] to 401K, IRA'S or Roth's, managed by selected professional financial advisors.

Third:  Shift Healthcare, old age security and other benefit programs to the States under the same guidelines as "unemployment insurance".

Fourth:  Impose a National Sales or Transaction Tax on non-essential spending i.e. spending other than food, clothing, housing including utilities, education and healthcare.



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